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Culture Operation Philosophy:
Viewing quality as its life and service as its life line, the company solves the practical problems encountered by the customers with persistent improvement. Its products, which boast strong market competitiveness, bring about economic benefit for customers and create economic value. In pursuit of our enterprise value, we grow together with customers’ value.
With the business thought of solidity, aggressiveness, unity and innovation, the company exploits new development modes. Meeting chances and challenges with its specialized production mode, Qianfeng is willing to cooperate with any friend for a prosperous future together.
Company Spirit:
Talent Orientation, Quality First, Law Abidance, Word Keeping, Truth Seeking, Benefit Pursuit, Innovation and Reputation Creation.
Behavior Criterion:
Good faith is gold. Winning market through good quality and building our brand through good faith; keeping our words to provide our customers with excellent service; carrying out sincere cooperation to create a win-win situation; carrying out solid operation to persistently improve the enterprise value; carrying out accurate management to allocate resources in an optimal way; taking care of our employees and giving full play to their specialty; being a responsible enterprise citizen to reward the society.
Company Goal:
United, Harmonious, Progressive, Advanced, Win-win
Advanced equipment provides reliable guarantee for product quality.

Our Commitments:
Commitment to product quality: strictly adhering to GB/T9001-2008 from raw materials procurement to production procedures with rigorous check on production.
Commitment to quality check: checking raw materials, working procedures and finished products respectively with complete detection means and strict standards.
Commitment to after-sales: providing material lists for sold goods, and carrying out quality follow-up and satisfaction investigation.  

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